Excess Liability Insurance

Does your net worth exceed your liability coverage limits? Safeguard your family and assets against claims of personal injury or property damage with up to $100 million in personal excess liability insurance.

Excess Liability Insurance Coverage

Personal excess liability insurance (or “umbrella” insurance) kicks in after the liability limits in an underlying policy (homeowners, auto, etc.) are depleted. 

  • No matter where in the world an incident occurs, you can rely on AIG Private Client Group to respond.
  • Coverage is available in $1 million increments, so you can select the precise amount you desire.
  • In some instances, our umbrella policy will respond to more situations than the underlying policy can. When that occurs, you’ll still be covered.

Policy Highlights

Flexible, Comprehensive Coverage

We offer broad protection for your busy lifestyle, covering incidents ranging from auto accidents to slander. Our policy also helps fill in the gaps when covered events are excluded by your primary policies. Coverage is offered in increments of $1 million—up to our limit of $100 million—enabling you to more effectively shield your family and your net worth.

Worldwide Protection

You’ll be protected for losses due to claims of personal injury, libel & slander, or property damage no matter where the incident took place. Coverage also includes your vehicles, homes and watercraft—whether owned or non-owned.


Choice of Legal Representation

When faced with a legal issue, you need to have full confidence and trust in the attorney representing your interests. However, many insurers leave you out of this process entirely. With AIG Private Client Group, you’ll have the ability to choose legal representation from a roster of preeminent firms specializing in all aspects of litigation. In addition, funds are available for your personal attorney to shadow the case.1

Defense Costs

Even if you settle or win the case, expensive legal fees can add up quickly—and leave you with excessive out-of-pocket expenses. We cover defense costs outside of your policy limits, so your protection won’t be compromised—particularly during a lengthy trial. 

Protection on the Road

If you have an accident that involves an under-or-uninsured driver, you could be exposed to additional risk. Optional coverage of up to $10 million ensures that even if the other party can’t compensate you for your losses, we can. 

1 Up to $10,000 (higher limits available); some restrictions may apply.

Last updated: Friday, April 28, 2017

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