Proactive Loss Prevention Strategies

Wildfire Protection Unit®1

We were the first insurance provider to offer this unparalleled and complimentary loss mitigation service designed to help you pre-empt damage before a wildfire even ignites. In addition, emergency response units are dispatched automatically if an active wildfire threatens your home. Click here for more information

Hurricane Protection Unit®1

Our Hurricane Protection Unit works to help you minimize wind and water damage immediately following a major storm and to help preserve furnishings, artwork and other possessions. If a hurricane is approaching, we track its progress and projected landfall. After landfall, we visit homes in affected areas. If there is visible structural damage, we won't wait until you file a claim. Rather, we can act immediately and make short-term repairs. Click here for more information

Background Checks

Domestic staff can help keep your family and valuables out of harm's way. However, it's imperative to confirm that those with access to your family and property are both qualified and credible. Policyholders have access to a complimentary2 resource to screen nannies, housekeepers, drivers, gardeners, chefs, home health workers, private financial advisors and contractors, helping to keep your family and possessions protected.

Personal Security Consultations

Confidential personal security services can help minimize threats to your family, home and belongings. Security services for special events, electronic identity protection, and alarm system planning and design are just a few of our offerings.

Residential Engineering Services2

Large estates often are built with complex electrical, heating and plumbing systems that are comparable to commercial properties. Our engineering expert can conduct an in-depth examination to detect frequent causes of property damage before they have a chance to escalate. An infrared camera also may be used to reveal temperature variations behind walls or ceilings that are undetectable to the naked eye. These irregularities can indicate overheating electrical systems or moisture due to a leak or mold.

Architectural Legacy Services2

Policyholders have exclusive access to our Architectural Legacy Services, a team of risk management specialists with expertise in historic preservation and architectural history. We can advise on loss prevention, documentation, or rebuilding and renovation projects specific to your unique historic home. Click here for more information

Water Damage Protection

Leaks are one of the most common causes of property damage. But with proper guidance—such as identifying the need to replace outdated water supply lines or an old water heater—we can help you reduce a home’s vulnerability. Also, through our relationship with Water Security Solutions, LLC, our clients can access complimentary consultations and exclusive savings on a variety of water shut-off systems, sensors and mitigation devices.

Construction Safety3

Building or renovating a home? Construction elevates the chances of damage from fire and other hazards. Our risk managers are experienced in identifying the most common causes of loss for homes under construction. We can work with your general contractor throughout the project to make sure protocols are in place to minimize risk. In addition, we can help you and your insurance advisor ensure that you have adequate coverage throughout the process and maximize your homeowners policy credits upon completion of the work.

Thermography Examinations3

Inspections with infrared cameras can identify hidden hazards such as moisture in the walls from concealed leaks or hot circuit boxes and switches so you can address small problems before they snowball into the kinds of catastrophic failures that cause massive damage. We have risk managers across the country who are certified level-one thermographers equipped with FLIR T300 esi.

1 Eligibility requirements apply; enrollment required.
2 Eligibility based on account size.
3 Eligibility based on account size and geography.

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